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The Law Office of Andrew Nietor specializes in litigation, particularly criminal defense and immigration law. We offer zealous representation to protect our clients’ interests. Our attorneys and staff accomplish this through detailed consultations, investigation, discovery review, motions, petitions, negotiations with prosecutors and government agencies, trial preparation, and trial. We also have a respected appellate practice, with experience in federal courts of appeal and immigration appeals.

For over two decades, Andrew Nietor has represented clients in complex criminal cases, including drug offenses, racketeering, conspiracies, fraud, bank robberies, customs violations, and illegal entries. Mr. Nietor has also developed a well-respected immigration practice, specializing in cases in immigration court, removal/deportation proceedings, waivers, asylum, family-based petitions and naturalization. Mr. Nietor has brought together a team of professionals who share his commitment to zealously representing each client.

Our clients are at the center of our practice. We develop a relationship with each client based on respect and professionalism. Our clients benefit from a team of legal professionals that work tirelessly and aggressively, using our years of experience in the legal arena to accomplish our clients’ goals and protect their interests.

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